Dedicated IP Address Option

  • Advantages over Shared IP

    There are several advantages to having a dedicated IP address. The first is the ability to have your own SSL certificates installed on the host server. SSL certs allow for securely encrypted online payments and operation of a full ecommerce website. Visually, one difference is that when you see your domain name in the address bar of a web browser, it will be prefaced with https:// instead of the http:// A good question comes up: Will links to still work after installing SLL certificates? Yes. Code inside a thing called an .htaccess file, will redirect inbound traffic to your home page, whether users try http:// or https://.

  • Send Email from Your Own Server

    A shared IP has the disadvantage that it is most often hosting many other domain names at the same time. If ten percent of domain names were used for aggressive marketing/spamming activities and your personal IP address is home to 50 domains, chances are that mail sent from your IP address will end up in most recipients’ spam folders. Why? Google and other email providers curate and maintain lists of aggressive IP addresses by looking for senders flagged by many of their users at a time. This is an example of how the web ‘polices’ itself. A dedicated IP address gets around this problem – unless you’re an aggressive marketer too.

The majority of domain names share an IP with other domains. Here is a link to a tool that will find and display all domains sharing an IP with the website of your choice: IP Domain Lister