Using Social Media Signals for Brand Marketing

  • Facebook Marketing Oppurtunities

    The Facebook Ads Manager user interfacer or GUI, appears closely modeled after Google Adwords, only smoother. For detailed help using the Facebook Ads Manager, see Facebook Ads Manager help at Facebook. Basically Facebook lets a cupcake store target the friends of 18-25 year old women who have a birthday coming up, so that you can remind them about their friend and suggest a cupcake delivery gift. We could limit the ad to users in Dallas, Los Angeles and New York, who have expressed a past interest in baked goods. But that’s just the start. What Facebook offers is targeted marketing opportunities.

  • Advertising on Twitter

    Twitter offers various campaign types to suit your digital marketing needs and business goals. Twitter ads falll into two basic categories, clicks and brand awareness. For example, use a website clicks campaign exclusively for the purpose of driving social traffic to your website, or use a followers campaign when the goal is to drive brand awareness over time. Whatever message you decide to send, keep it simple for Twitter.

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A tried and true way to draw traffic from Social channels is to hold contests or tasks. Keeping with the muffin shop example, one might offer a free muffin delivery to New Yorkers who complete a shopper profile while sharing FB friend and profile data.

26% of our clients have used FB Ads.