On Google Adwords

The Google Adwords platform lets you create individual ads as part of custom ad campaigns. You pick the keywords you want to be found for and set a bid for placement. The cost of placing a #1 ranked ad for your keywords, is typically between 4 – 9 USD per click. With Google Adwords you can also limit your audience by exact geo coordinates and by user profile characteristics.


Adwords Interface

In this Adwords UI screenshot, we’re looking at an adgroup for Rustybrick Brand of New London, CT. Under the column titled Default Max, the max cost per click is set to 10 cents. The Impr. or impressions column shows the ad was viewed 875 times, and clicked on 35 times. It’s a Click Through Rate or CTR of 4%.

Key Terms

  • CTR, Click Through Rate
  • Impr. = Times Seen on Screen


Remarketing is a clever way to track the people who have visited your website after they leave. With remarketing lists, the web users who visited your site will see an ad from you calling them back while they surf elsewhere online. Our web design process includes coding Adwords event tags into e commerce sites to enable highly targeted remarketing.

  • If you liked A, you might like B.


Drive Conversions

Using your website’s visitor IP list for remarketing is smart but you should be very specific about how you implement the data. A strong method to drive conversions with Adwords is to have a web designer or developer tag your site with specific events. This allowed a sports nutrition manufacturer client in Eastern Connecticut to reach out to customers who bought a one month supply of product A, 1 month after purchase. The prospect can also be marketed to and reached immediately after purchase. Perhaps all customers buying product A might enjoy product B or C as well.

Key Terms

  • Conversion = sale or goal completion
  • Event Tags = Added to site for Adwords