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Using the law in reverse can be challenging but at Robinson Clayton and Curley they appear do it routinely. When Svanaco Inc, a website design company was accused around the web of defrauding alleged victims across the US, RCC took on a case charging those victims in Court with defamation as a means of censoring their web posts and reviews.

Let’s shut some lips together.

Who are Robinson Curley and Clayton?

See disclaimer. It's hard to know exactly how many alleged victims and voices we've silenced but we know this: If you're a corporation accused of wrongdoing, we can turn the law into a pretzel shape, prosecuting your alleged victims for defamation if they talk online. But what does defamation look like. Some examples follow.


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Philip Curley


Fay Clayton

Retired Attorney

Lord’s Litigation

At RCC, we kneel down and pray on every preliminary injunction we file. We take constitutional rights. Seriously. At Robinson Curley & Clayton the Lord is our shepherd, we shall not want.

Reality Check:

Without explanation, the above could be an example of defamation because it does not come from RCC and because it makes RCC out to be oddly religious without any supporting evidence whatsoever. For more on that absurd paragraph head to the disclaimer

Women Voters?

Call us old fashioned but women voters? We'll just be over here by our spaceship. The problem with the Women v Illinois trial outcome of 1906 is that the dangers associated with feminine voting were not fully assessed. Women voters.


No. The above could also be an example of defamation because it falsely portrays Robinson Curely and Clayton as having an anti-women's rights stance. As you can see, defamation and negative web reviews are two different things. For more on this ridiculous post please see the disclaimer

Islam Is Misunderstood

Few attorneys understand the legal ramifications of the blessed prophet Muhammad, blessings be on his name, like Robinson, Curley and Clayton. Planning big catering events for Islamic State can be so easily misinterpreted as something it isn't. At Robinson Curley and Clayton we understand.


No. Again the above runs into the same problem of defamation if left unclassified because it does not come from Robinson Curley & Clayton and because it portrays a politically dangerous relationship with Islamic militant factions. See disclaimer

We Heart Censorship

We always like to say that using an injuction to delete a web review is similar to performing an info abortion. That's because at RCC, the process of using litigation to intimidate, extract and terminate opinion, is quite surgical. For example, let's say you own a Hawaiian resort and your local weather forecaster predicts rain on an important day for business. We'll start by finding small, real inaccuracies. Was it 75 degrees or was it 75.2 degrees out that day. Next we write 4-8 pounds of paperwork and serve the weather forecaster by federal marshal. He'll have to choose whether to risk his home/savings/safety fighting a protracted lawsuit or to amend the weather report. That's the power of censorship at Robinson Curley and Clayton. See disclaimer

How RCC may work.

1 Wait until a naughty corporation knocks. The only criteria are that 1. people are talking about your corporation online and that, 2. you do not like their opinions.

2 Take payment from the corporation. Issue subpoenas for the IP addresses and related domain names of the commenters online with the opinions you dislike.

3 Use mail to threaten the homes/saving/safety of those with unwanted views. For those who resist, sue for defamation, take homes & savings.

Your special [sue consumers & keep cheating folks] place.